Modern credit risk management

Approve customers faster
Extend more credit
Reduce bad debt

Paperplane combines intel across your sales, account management, and operations teams to provide the most accurate, real-time credit scoring possible. No more slow approvals or chasing bad debt.
Developed and trusted by wholesalers and distributors like you
Why Paperplane?

Credit scoring and predictions powered by your own company’s intelligence

You know your customers best. Combine the knowledge across sales, account management, ops, and finance to predict which customers are high-risk 5+ weeks in advance.
Unlock revenue with faster approvals
Paperplane runs background checks, automatic reference calls via SMS/phone, and executive approvals in <15 minutes.
Intelligence from your own sales reps
Get intel from your customer-facing teams
Capture the latest customers updates from your account and sales teams via SMS/phone. This data is analyzed by the AI model to find risky accounts.
25+ Data sources
Find risky behaviors in seconds
Paperplane’s AI model analyzes transactions, payments, and public info 120+ times a day to detect any anomalous customer behavior.
AI-powered predictions
The Stats

From lost revenue to lost profit, credit is hard to get right.

buttton arrow
of customers look elsewhere if credit isn’t provided
average cost of a bad debt incident
of credit-based sales impacted by bad debt
Improvement in team’s health

Integrates with your existing systems and processes


Supercharge your entire order-to-cash process.

With Paperplane, your sales, account management, and finance teams can finally work together to support customers and move the business forward.
Faster approvals
Run a complete background check in minutes. AI agents will collect references via SMS and calls, so you don't have to.
Latest customer intel
Get the latest updates from your customer-facing teams and use it to make real-time, accurate risk predictions.
24/7 credit monitoring
Quickly detect any anomalous behavior from your customers and detect high-risk accounts within minutes, not weeks.
Reduced bad debt
Detect and put risky customers on-stop ASAP and reduce bad debt by 43%+ in the first 90 days.
Predictable cash flow
Project cash flow accurately by accounting for each customer’s payment habits.
Increased revenue
Increase credit limits for your lowest risk, financially healthy customers to boost sales without taking on additional credit risk.
Faster approvals
No more credit bottlenecks before a sale. Get your customer onboarded approved within minutes.
Improved customer loyalty
Keep your customers coming back by continuously extending more credit as a reward for their loyalty.
Customer intelligence
Automatically capture the key updates and follow-ups from your customer meetings. Never miss a sale opportunity again.

Enable credit to scale
without more risk

Allowing builders' merchants to focus on their customers, not credit
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