Automatically update Salesforce

Your reps shouldn't be manually updating fields and you shouldn't be guessing the status of your deals.
Automatically turn your sales calls into Salesforce record updates and notes.

Salesforce should support your revenue teams. Not slow them down.

Amazing learnings happen on sales calls. Capturing this data in Salesforce is critical for winning more deals and keeping existing customers happy.

But this data is scattered across thousands of docs, spreadsheets, and call recordings. Even worse, your reps spend hours each week manually filling in each record, instead of winning deals.

As a result, RevOps have to fix low quality data and unscalable processes, Sales leaders constantly chase reps for updates, and Sales reps miss out on closing more deals each month.

What if your records updated themselves?

Paperplane application dashboard

Analyzing every sales call, Paperplane instantly updates your Salesforce fields and notes, like magic. Whether it’s Metrics and Pain in your MEDDIC playbook or Next Steps to ensure nothing slips through the cracks, automatically capture everything you need to win your deals.

Syncs with your existing tech stack

Top reasons customers use Paperplane

Instant pipeline visibility

It’s hard to win deals when critical data is missed. Get updated fields and notes instantly after each sales call, so you know exactly what's going on and what deals need your attention.

Give reps more time to sell

With every new tool, reps sink more time clicking and entering data. Automate their most time-consuming admin work so they can find and win more deals. They’ll be happier and faster as a result.

Track sales process adherence

Instead of watching a few call recordings for each rep, instantly find out who is not following the sales process and exactly what steps and fields are being skipped across all of their sales calls.

Start automating your Salesforce updates today

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