Populate your CRM, automatically

No more missing key fields, unreliable forecasts, and chasing updates. Automatically update your CRM so your team can focus on growing the business.

How it works

Paperplane automatically extracts the CRM data you need from every sales call in seconds. Join your sales call, be engaged, and check back in to an updated Salesforce account.

Step 1

Invite Paperplane to your meetings or press “Record”

In one click, add Paperplane to all of your sales calls. Have an existing recording platform? Import recordings automatically into the app.
Step 2

Stay focused on the customer while Paperplane does the rest

During the call, Paperplane extracts all of the key data you need using proprietary natural language processing. No more keywords or tagging.
Step 3

Sync the data directly into your CRM

Paperplane syncs to your CRM and populates your key fields automatically. You can also trace everything back to the call, so you're 100% sure you didn’t miss anything.

Connect to everything you need

Integrate Paperplane seamlessly into your existing sales tech stack.

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